What is PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma and How is it used in Hair Regrowth?

What is PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma -Orlando Hair MD

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma is the use of a person’s own blood platelets to enhance hair growth as a stand-alone treatment or to improve the recovery and results of hair transplant surgery. In the field of tissue regeneration, research is continuing to progress regarding the use of PRP’s ability to stimulate stem cells, improve wound healing, and rejuvenate skin and hair follicles. We are the experts when it comes to PRP hair growth.

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How is PRP performed as a stand-alone treatment for hair growth?

A small sample of blood is obtained from the patient. This sample is processed in an FDA-cleared device to separate the platelets from other components like red blood cells. Platelets are then chemically ‘activated,’ releasing powerful molecules which have profound biologic effects on hair follicles and skin. Under comfortable local anesthesia, this powerful cocktail of growth factors, cytokines and other proteins is injected into the area of scalp where weak hair follicles exist. Microneedling of the skin is also performed. Mild soreness, if any, resolves in less than a day and improved hair growth can be measured in a matter of weeks.

Is all PRP the same?

Unfortunately not, and this is where it can get confusing for patients (and physicians!). At Bauman Medical Group, we use the FDA approved Autologel PRP process to separate and activate Platelet Rich Plasma for use as a stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with hair transplantation. Bauman Medical Group is proud to be the first complete hair transplant team to be fully certified by Cytomedix to produce Autologel. That means that every member of our team has passed certification for the preparation and application of Autologel PRP. At Bauman Medical Group, we feel that our PRP/ACell protocols are providing significant stimulation of hair growth and hair follicle rejuvenation.

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Does PRP need to be repeated?

Initially, patients would return for three treatments over three months. It typically takes another three months to measure the improvements via the scientific HairCheck cross-sectional hair bundle measurements. Over time, the course of treatment may need to be repeated depending on the patient’s response to therapy, hair loss condition and goals. By monitoring the hair growth effect with the HairCheck device over time, we can determine when the improvement in hair growth slows down. At that time, additional treatments with PRP may be necessary in order to maintain the desired results. Hair MD Orlando will work with you to achieve your desired results.

What is ACell or Extracellular Matrix (ECM)?

ACell is an Extracellular Matrix (ECM) tissue-regenerating technology that has been used extensively in the fields of medicine and surgery to stimulate stem cells and enhance wound healing. It’s rise in popular culture was accelerated as people with partial finger amputations were able to actually grow back their fingertips (often with the fingernail) by using this product. It has also been noted that the use of ACell in wound healing dramatically decreases the appearance of scar tissue in a wound. ACell is a “bioscaffold” that helps the body heal without excessive scarring.

How is ACell used in Hair Restoration?

ACell can be used in hair restoration treatments when combined with PRP or other liquid injectible solution to stimulate stem cells and rejuvenate the skin and hair follicles. ACell can also be used to improve wound healing whenever a cut or incision is made in the skin.

Is PRP Platelet Rich Plasma safe?

Yes. PRP is immunologically neutral and poses no danger of allergic, hypersensitivity or foreign-body reactions. Sterile technique is used in every stage to prevent infection. A brief period of inflammation site of application is normal and to be expected, indicating the action of the PRP.

In order to determine if you are a good candidate for PRP Hair Regrowth, a medical consultation with Dr. Alan Bauman is recommended.

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PRP Hope for Baldness with a “Vampire Cure” Hair MD Orlando

Jasper Copping, The Sunday TelegraphResearchers found they were able to regrow hair on the bald patches on people’s heads by injecting them with a solution derived from their own blood.

The so-called “vampire” treatment involves taking blood from the patient and processing it in a machine that extracts “platelet-rich plasma” (PRP), which is then injected back into the head. Scientists believe the solution then stimulates new stem cells below the skin which can aid the regrowth of hair. Such “vampire” treatments are already used in some cosmetic procedures, where injections of PRP are used in an effort to reduce the effects of aging on the face and hands.

The research, published in the latest edition of the British Journal of Dermatology, was conducted among a group of people suffering from alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition that causes hair loss on the scalp and other parts of the body.
However, the scientists believe the treatment also could help those suffering more common hair loss conditions, such as male pattern baldness.

What are the steps involved with PRP Hair Regrowth Treatment?

1) A mechanical antiseptic scalp wash is performed.
2) The area of thinning hair is identified, photographed, measured with HairCheck and marked.
3) A small blood sample containing a few tablespoons is obtained.
4) The blood sample is processed into PRP using the FDA-approved Autologel system and ACell or another Extracellular Matrix (ECM) product may be added.
5) Ouchless™ local anesthesia is applied to the treatment area.
6) The PRP (w/ ACell or other ECM) is injected into the area by Dr. Bauman.
7) Microneedling with a mechanical MicroPen™ is used to create microtrauma in the skin which initiates growth factor activity.
8) 15 minutes of Low Level Laser Therapy using an in-office clinical laser is applied to the scalp following a post-treatment scalp wash.
9) Follow-up HairCheck measurements are scheduled as appropriate to allow for hair growth improvement to be measured, monitored and photographed.Find out more about PRP Hair Regrowth Treatment.